Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Idyacy Formed

And just in time! If you saw the news on the BBC you'd know what I mean.

We're in stealth mode so I can't say much about what are long term
goals will be. Our ideas are so innovative that even mentioning that we
have them makes us a target for acquisition (wait in line guys

What I can say is that I've put together the best people who were
still willing to work for me from vocsgrafix, and we are going to do
some cool technology for the kids. A sort of social networking, on
line gaming, second life, speech technology, avatar driven, internet
search and online auctioning type of deal.

So why me! Well, after raising 20 million dollars for vocsgrafix in
2000 and building the company up to 40 employees at its high point you
can see I've got the track record for doing something pretty
special. Now vocsgrafix has been successfully sold for 2 million, it's
time for me to invest my time and pretty special skills in a new

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