Sunday, December 9, 2007

Inspiration from George Bush

What exciting idyacy times we live within! Those tech guys at Cereproc have got our inspirational bush-a-matic website working.

Which is great. I know GWB has got a bit of lousy reputation in Scotland (well most places I suppose except some parts of the US). But for me he has been a genuine inspiration. You get people who are so full of words, all sorts of fancy words, but President Bush likes to use words which don't have any of this educated sort of style. Like me, when he uses a word its just a word. I find it comforting, relaxing even. So now we can generate our own President Bush inspired messages but more than that, we can share it with you all.

Can you imagine wanting to do that with Hilary Clinton or Guiliani! I think not. As a little seasonal aspect I got one of the Cereproc guys to post the Jingle bells sample on You Tube. Working out how to change Flash to AVI was completely beyond me. Anyway here it is below... Happy Christmas!

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